so this kid drew is a weird little boy. he's 29 and will be thirty very very soon. he decided to take a trip to either scotland or some ltitle town in the republic while his flat opens up so i ended up keeping his shit while he goes off on an adventure which i was invited on but too broke to go. meh. so we smoked a lot of weed as usual and spent 24 hrs roaming around prague, listening to music, and generally drinking a lot of white russians. and then sleeping together platonically, meaning no touching etc. this is now the second time i have done this with two different men in less than a week. apparently i'm such a great fucking friend.

anyway so he's indicating the friend ideal while still teasing me in various sorts as tickling, pillow fights and hanging around me all the f time. this just proves that men eight years older than me will still be passive and generally stupid. but he's definately father figure ish in a way that i think is hot. hmm will have to figure that one out. he almost kicked this kids ass bc he told me to fuck off and has a habit of ordering white russians when i'm in the bathroom, only for me to come out /him with goofy smile on face and proud look in eyes.