Lover deer are cool but it sounds like school really needs to start- did you have white zinfandel that evening? I'm sad that you drank without you're lovers...doesn't school seem like it was a couple of years ago at this point? They don't fucking have white zin here and i'm getting sick of white, you know my fondness for white zinfandel:)

My birthday is September 27, 1984. i am such a youngun here everyone is atleast a couple of years older than me.

So Saturday night we all went barhopping and met these overly enthusiastic norwegians bought us some weird yellow shots but were too pussy to drink them themselves so that really fucked me up, especially bc i'm been doing johnny walker shots practically every time we go out...i'm not sure why but i don't have to chase it so i suppose it works. either that or i make it work. whats going on with project runway, i need to know whos been elimated ( i suppose I could just check it online but i like to complain about my western world deficiency too much:)

So after the crazy yellow shots we did some absynth ( even though they took out the halluciagenic shit) and i couldn't tell how much it fucked me up bc i followed it with many vodka tonics. Atleast I didn't throw up on my dinner like beamer benjaman. So after the absynth and such we went to another bar and some crazy man started dancing with me and grabbing my face and choking me and i ended up with a part of my front teeth being knocked out. Yes, an entire piece of my tooth is missing and all we can come up with as a solution is me using a nail file to shave my tooth down. the archaic nature of the health insurance plan here is basically for getting run over by trams or having rough anal sex and needing stiches or something. bc they don't give a shit about my tooth and i have lost all teeth confidence in myself.

So then I touched some cock in another bar, watched some dude strip and i touched his cock, and made out with this dude in the course and this chick as well in a bathroom. i touched a lot of boobies and made out with another chick. so overall it was pretty good i suppose but too much teasing for my taste.

Anyway it is still cold here, i'm wearing layers for fucks sake, and i have some pics but yet to put them up, if you want to see the crazy wild children of the corn i roll with checkem out on facebook in a couple days.

I've decided that for my yummy RFE student i am going to help him read an article on 30 things to do before you're 30 from GQ mag. Everything is pretty kosher except for the reference to blow and hash. haha well i'll just pretend i didn't notice it..."oh, Tosha, oh my what...and I grab it and stuff it into my bag. WHich will only spark his curiosity and we will probably spend some time discussing the positives and negatives of the way Czechs always mix hash with tobacco under all circumstances.

So i did smoke a little but only bc it was handed to me in a bar and i was told to take it and do with it what i may.