J: I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am sorry to have to e-mail you this but I think it is best. I am trying to follow my mind and heart and not drag you along. I think on many levels you and I are very different. When I think about you I think you are a good guy but I dont think "hey I want to hang out with p today, it will be fun". I just dont feel the click between us. We have not hung out in a long time and when we finally did it was not that great. I know I was on the phone a bunch texting but we dont share enough in common to make a good conversation. I just dont want it to seem like I am ignoring you to be mean. I just dont know what to talk abut. I also have to be very honest and almost feel in my heart that you were the one to send those e-mails to me. The police wont tell me who it was but for some reason my spirit tells me it was you. I am not sure why but there were some things about the way he typed and wrote things thsat are very similar to the way you write. IF it was not you I am sorry. I am just saying how I feel. Anyway I wanted to level with you and tell you. I just dont see us hanging out in the future and stuff like that. I am sorry. I do wish the very best for you in life and know you will be just fine. Take care.